The Beginning:

Alliance Racing Pigeon Club Dhaka (ARPCD) a racing pigeon club founded in the year 2018 duly approved by all concerned. Having its office at Dilkusha C/A -Dhaka and since then ARPCD as a club is organizing race every year with the participation of all members in Bangladesh with vast experience and pioneer in this sports. ARPCD members have equal rights to discuss on any subject matters related to club.

The Growth:

Alliance Racing Pigeon Club Dhaka (ARPCD) was founded in the year 2018 in Bangladesh. Since inception it has organized race every year with participation as club race and also as National race in Bangladesh with collaboration with other three clubs as BRPEL- BRPOA- BRPFC. Alliance Racing Pigeon Club Dhaka (ARPCD)– will achieve its target of being the pioneer in Racing Pigeon in Bangladesh having versatile way of international standard race as in Europe like Belgium-Netherland-Germany-England.


Alliance Racing Pigeon Club Dhaka (ARPCD) as of today in the racing arena the members of ARPCD having vast experience will be able to stand as a strong pillar together to proceed further to dominate the racing camp in Bangladesh. will be the pioneer in racing pigeon in days to come & looking forward to our future goal by participation and contribution by all ARPCD members. Today electronic Timing Systems and One Loft Races have brought these popular sports into the 21 st Century. In many respects the sport has changed dramatically from the early days with timing clocks, designed at the turn of the century with using modern electronic and Quartz regulated system.

Bangladesh with its capital city Dhaka is the centre point were maximum racing pigeon fanciers are residing and participating in homer racing every year in Bangladesh since ages. Now this dynamism have reached to the top . We are hoping that in coming days Bangladesh will lead the homer racing in Southeast Asia as a leader. In this juncture ARPCD will definitely be he leader.

ARPCD members are closely monitoring different PIPA & other international racing pigeon clubs to upgrade our club with the latest information regarding ETC – latest System on other matters. ARPCD web page will be have all information on members information including latest news & information’s.

ARPCD members have developed Pigeon Auction web page to attract fanciers from home & abroad to collect the best racing pigeons from famous fanciers from Europen auction of PIPA / Eijercamp. We do proudly say that our club members have also collected different category of racing pigeons from Janseen, Eijercamp, Jos-Thone, Koopman, Camphuis, Alinepetric, Vanloon, Casart,Marcle, Sanger Vredevild etc.

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